Trailer Tippers

Our full automation trailer tippers focus on safety and project efficiency. The trailer tipper allows for automatic unloading of numerous bulk materials delivered in van trailers including whole tires, TDF, wood chips, wood fuel, mulch, compost, RDF, grains and crop residues and other biomass and bulk materials. With a 63-degree maximum tilt, our tippers assure complete unloading of a live load of up to 80,000 lbs. A 10’ wide deck allows easy trailer loading of 45’ or 48’ deck lengths for 53’ and 57’ trailers. Our safety features include a full-length walkway on the driver’s side provides access to rear trailer doors, a safety hoop around trailer prevents tipping if unevenly loaded, an A-frame raised pivot and steel pivot pedestals and a hydraulic pump with oil reservoir, reservoir oil heater, low level sensor. and high temperature sensor.